Sunday, October 16, 2011

MANSORY Cormeum: Carbon Crazy!!

Mansory’s Cormeum – Be Careful

Is Mansory going soft on us? The Germany-based customizer of high-end exotics has arrived in Geneva with its take on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It's called the Mansory Cormeum... and it's remarkable for not being eye-searingly ugly.
The Cormeum is certainly no beauty queen, but Mansory has produced some truly questionable designs in its history. Besides being more attractive than whe might have figured, the Cormeum is remarkable for having an extra 97 horsepower (for a total of 660 hp), and it weighs nearly 200 pounds less than a standard SLS. This is achieved through the extensive use of carbon fiber body panels, and the added power comes from a new exhaust and engine map program. If 660 horsepower doesn't sound like enough, Mansory says it's working on an 800 hp version.

Only 15 examples of the gullwing Mansory Cormeum will be produced. If you're curious where the name comes from, Mansory founder and namesake Kourosh Mansory was inspired by the aria Vide Cor Meum. You've probably heard the music before, as it was written for the move Hannibal. All of which makes some sense, because some folks would rather eat a human being than be seen in a Mansory vehicle.

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